BellMedEx excels in delivering expert medical billing solutions, ensuring precision in coding, a seamless billing process, efficient A/R recovery, and swift electronic claim submissions. The focus is on maximizing reimbursements, reducing expenses, maintaining HIPAA compliance, and effortlessly navigating regulatory hurdles.


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What Bellmedex offer?

Bellmedex offers a long range of features. Check out the fantastic array of features our system has to offer:

  1. Document Management / Sharing:
    • Easily manage and share medical documents.
    • Collaborate on document editing effortlessly.
  2. Meaningful Use Certification:
    • We’re all about meeting those Meaningful Use standards.
    • Let us handle the reporting and tracking for you.
  3. Appointment Reminders:
    • Customize reminders for upcoming appointments.
    • We cover all the bases with SMS, email, and phone reminders.
  4. E&M Coding:
    • Count on us for top-notch Evaluation and Management coding support.
    • Get real-time feedback and coding suggestions.
  5. Patient Registration:
    • Registration made simple and user-friendly.
    • We seamlessly integrate with electronic health records for accuracy.
  6. Revenue Cycle Management:
    • We’ve got your back from start to finish in the revenue cycle.
    • Keep tabs on billing and reimbursement for better financial performance.
  7. Patient Scheduling:
    • Our scheduling system is flexible and easy to use.
    • Let us take care of the scheduling based on your availability and patient preferences.
  8. Internal Messaging:
    • Communicate securely with our HIPAA-compliant platform.
    • Stay connected with real-time messaging for smooth collaboration.
  9. Outsourced Billing:
    • Opt for professional billing services to save costs.
    • Receive transparent reports and regular updates on billing activities.
  10. Dashboard:
    • Get a comprehensive and customizable dashboard for quick insights.
    • Visualize your key performance indicators and metrics effortlessly.
  11. Patient Portal:
    • Our patient portal puts your health information at your fingertips.
    • Manage appointments, request prescription refills, and communicate securely.

Clients Review About Bellmedex :

Check out the Trustpilot review here.

Reviews on site here.

Where BellMedex is located:

BellMedex is headquartered in the picturesque city of Seattle, Washington. As the nation’s highest-reviewed medical billing company, BellMedex boasts nearly a decade of expertise in delivering outstanding revenue cycle management services. The company takes pride in its dedicated team of over 1,000 professionals who have contributed to its stellar reputation for providing top-notch solutions to healthcare providers across the United States.

They have a working office in Pakistan as well.

Bellmedex Site
RegisteredUS registered
OfficesUS, Pakistan
Focused onMedical billing
Client OriganClient Origin
Bellmedex Phone number+1888-987-6250
US addressP.O. Box 88942 Seattle, WA 98138

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