How does Cyberpanel Remote Backup work?

Cyberpanel Remote Backup

Cyberpanel remote backup stores files on another server. This helps to retains the files from the loss or any other attack.
That provides users with a system for the backup, storage, and recovery of website files.

Procedure to Perform Remote Backup

  • Setup a Remote server
  • Enable API access
  • Setup Remote backup

Setup a Remote server

Organize a remote server which you want to use for the backup purpose.
Create a new server with cyberpanel (Remote server)

Enable API access

  • Go to Cyberpanel where you are managing your websites
  • Open Users –> API Access->

Setup a Remote backup.

  • Open a remote server
  • Go-To Backup–>Remote backup
  • Enter the Server IP Address and Password of the server where the domain exist
  • Fetch Record from that server .
  • Select the website for which you want to create backup. (You can also choose multiple sites)
  • Then click on Start Transfer.(I will take some time if the size is large)

Files will be transferred to the remote server.

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