How to download Anydesk and how to install Anydesk

Downloading any desk and installing is an easy process. In this article, I will tell you how can we easily download and install Anydesk. so you can easily download any desk by following this article.

Any desk means a “Remote desktop application“. we can use any desk for remote control, file transfer, and VPN function.

Now follow these steps to download and install any desk:

1- Any Desk Website:

Firstly, The user will go to Any desk Website. The user can download AnyDesk by using the link ““.

download Any Desk

2- Click Any desk:

Click the first option: Any Desk “The Fast Remote Desktop Application“.

3- Click Download and Install Anydesk:

The user can download Any desk to use the “Download Now Button“.

4- Available For other Platform:

The user can also use various platforms as the users can use for MacOS, Android etc.

5- Open the program

When the desktop has been downloaded user will press the right button and click “Run as administration” and click the “yes” button.

6- Giving Access

The desktop provides the address to the user, so the user can give get access another person easily.

7- Accept And Install

The user Can also install Any desk to click the “installation” option that appears on the left side.

8- Set Password

The User can set a password for security.

Now you can see this dashboard.

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