How to Enable Developer Mode and Enable USB Debugging on Android Phone?

As a normal Android user you do not need the to enable developer mode and enable USB debugging on you device.

But If you are an android developer and want to run the Andriod app directly on your phone you need to enable developer mode and enable USB debugging on your device.

To turn on the Developer option on your android phone you just need to follow some easy steps.

Enable Developer Option From Settings

  1. Go to the Settings option of your Phone.
  2. You can see the About Phone option in your settings.
About Phone
About Phone

3. Now click on this About Phone option and you will see a Build Version in the case of my device it’s MIUI Version.

Click again and again on this option until this massage came, You are already on the developer mode.

developer mode
Developer mode

Once you see this massage its mean developer mode is already enabled.

Enable USB dubbuing from Developer Option:

  1. Once you completed all steps stated above now go to the Settings and Additional Features (In some cases it is on the main settings page). Here you will find the Developer Option if you scroll down.
  2. You can also search for Developer Options in the search bar of the settings page.
Additional Features
Additional Features

3. Go to the Developer Options and scroll down you will see the Debugging part on this screen.

4. You need to enable Both USB Debugging and Intall VIA USB.

USB Debugging and Intall VIA USB
USB Debugging and Intall VIA USB

All done for this and now you can easily use your android phone to test your Application in debugging phase.

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