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How to export Database from PHPMyAdmin?

While transferring your website from one server to another you may need to export your database in some cases. In this article, I am going to show you how to export Database from PHPMyAdmin. Exporting a database is just a few-click process. Just login to your PHPMyAdmin dashboard providing username and password. to export Database… Read More »

How to Access Rainloop Webmail in CyberPanel?

A lot of CyberPanel user uses Rainloop to handle their email. Rainloop is an internal email solution with CyberPanel. Here in this article, we will discuss how you can access Rainloop webmail in CyberPanel? Rainloop is an efficient memory webmail solution. it is a fast, simple, and modern web-based client email client. Rainloop is the… Read More »

How to force redirect HTTP to HTTPS website in CyberPanel?

In this article we will tell you how to force redirect HTTP to HTTPS website in CyberPanel? What is HTTP? HTTP stand foe Hypertext Transport Protocol. When you enter http:// in your address bar in front of domain, it tells the browser to connect over HTTP. HTTP use TCP(Transmission control protocol), generally over port 80,… Read More »

How to solve the can’t upload the file on file manager issue in CyberPanel?

if you are uploading a file on file manager in CyberPanel. and getting some error there. Follow this short solution for can’t upload the file on CyberPanel file manager. Solution There is very easy and short solution for this issue. Access your root through Bitvise or putty open your terminal(CLI) and run this Command This… Read More »

Online Driving License Verification Pakistan? Download Driving License Verification Android Application

Do you want to verify your driving license online? Do you want to Download the Driving License Verification Pakistan android application to verify your license from your phone? You are in the right place. Today we bring an android application for you to verify your license from your android mobile phone easily. No need to… Read More »

How to check any SIM Number Details Online? SIM Number Details Android Application

Do you want to know the SIM Number Details of any number? Are you disturbed by the annoying and wrong calls? Is there someone who constantly annoying you? If you want to know the information of any number you can download this SIM Number Detail application from the play store and check the number today.… Read More »

How to Enable Developer Mode and Enable USB Debugging on Android Phone?

As a normal Android user you do not need the to enable developer mode and enable USB debugging on you device. But If you are an android developer and want to run the Andriod app directly on your phone you need to enable developer mode and enable USB debugging on your device. To turn on… Read More »

How to Integrate Google AdMob to your React Native Application?

Do you want to integrate your AdMob to React Native Application? If you want to earn from your React Native Applications you need to integrate AdMob with your React Native Application. So Google AdMobs helps you to earn from your applications. Mostly React Native Packages are installed using a single command. In this article, i… Read More »