Operating System for CyberPanel Installation | Best OS for CyberPanel Installation

CyberPanel stands out as a popular hosting control panel among its peers. You can install CyberPanel with different Operating systems. Here in this article, we will discuss the best os for Cyberpanel installation as there are a lot of operating system where you can install CyberPanel and use it. But we will discuss all and get an answer about this.

Supported Operating Systems for CyberPanel installation:

Here is the list of operating systems that support cyberpanel installation:

  1. Ubuntu 20.04
  2. Ubuntu 22.04
  3. Centos 7
  4. Centos 8
  5. Almalinux 8
  6. Rocky Linux

These are some top supported OS by CyberPanel. Centos is no longer recommended.

In the realm of operating systems supported by CyberPanel, there are several noteworthy choices. While it’s important to mention some of the top-supported OS options, it’s also crucial to note that CentOS is no longer recommended. CyberPanel, a popular hosting control panel, offers compatibility with various operating systems, including Ubuntu, Debian, and even CentOS. Supported operating systems are chosen for their robustness and compatibility with CyberPanel’s features, ensuring users have a reliable and efficient hosting experience.

However, it’s worth noting that CentOS, which was previously a favored choice among users, has seen a shift in recommendations. The change is due to CentOS’s altered versioning strategy, moving from CentOS Linux to CentOS Stream, which brought uncertainty regarding long-term support and stability. As a result, CyberPanel users are now encouraged to explore alternative options like Ubuntu or Debian for their hosting needs to ensure they have access to a dependable and well-maintained operating system that aligns with CyberPanel’s performance goals.

Best OS for CyberPanel installation:

So the decision of best depends upon the usability and your attachment to that OS. In the past, most users like Centos 7 to use with cyberpanel but as now Centos is going to stop updating so people are shifting toward Alama Linux and Rocky.

But one of the best operating systems is Ubuntu 22.94 update and smooth. i personally like this to use with CyberPanel be a lot of users do not agree with this.

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