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How to Create a server in Hetzner?

Creating a new server in Hetzner is a very easy process. In this article, I am going to tell you how easily you can create a server in Hetzner? You can create a server on the Hetzner cloud easily by following this article. Hetzner is a service provider that provides you Hetzner dedicated server, Hetzner VPS server,… Read More »

How to uninstall ImunifyAV from your server?

ImunifyAV is not suitable for every server and maybe sometimes you need to uninstall ImunifyAV from your server to work properly. In this short article, I will try to explain how to uninstall ImunifyAV from your server using few commands. So follow the process along with me to remove imunifyAV from your server. Step 1:… Read More »

How to add ZeroSSL on your site? Free SSL for your website

You always need a secure URL for your website. Secure means your website will be accessible with SSL(Secure Sockets Layer). It’s very important to access your site on HTTPS instant of HTTP. Today I will tell you how you can add ZeroSSL to your website. ZeroSSL is totally free for your website. ZeroSSL allows the… Read More »

How To Uninstall Or Stop ImunifyAV?

What is ImunifyAV? A lot of users install ImunifyAV but after some issue, if they want to uninstall they do not know how to do this. Here in this article, we will tell you How To Uninstall Or Stop ImunifyAV? ImunifyAV – an intelligent antivirus and security monitoring tool for websites with one-click automatic malware… Read More »

How to remove MailScanner from Cyberpanel?

Maybe you have installed MailScanner on your server from CyberPanel, And you want to remove it for some reason. In this article, we are going to show how to remove MailScanner from CyberPanel?. What is MailScanner? MailScanner is an open-source email security system. it designed for a Linux-based email gateway. The purpose of MailScanner is… Read More »

Reset or Change CyberPanel Admin Password

Do you know how to change CyberPanel Admin Password? Read this short article to check and know how to change or reset the admin password on CyberPanel. Methods to Change or reset CyberPanel Password: Reset Cyberpanel Password using Command line. Change Password From CyberPanel Reset CyberPanel Password using Command line Mostly you use this method… Read More »

Get 15$ Free on Digital Ocean, $15 Free Promo Code on Digital Ocean 2021

Are you looking for Promo Code on Digital Ocean? Get 15$ free credit on digital ocean using this Promo code. Use this Promo code and get 15$ free on Digital ocean. You can use these Free 15$ for your Droplet and get a 1CPU basic plan free for three months. Free $15 Coupon Code for… Read More »