How to  Change Upload Limit for phpMyAdmin?

Step by Step procedure to Change upload limit for phpMyAdmin

Step 1. Access PhpMyAdmin from cyberpanel

Open the Cyberpanel Dashboard.
Go to Databases –> PHPMYADMIN

This will redirect you on the PhpMyAdmin.

Step 2. Check the Max PHP limit.

Go to the PhpMyAdmin dashboard
Click on the “Import“.
You will see the upload limit size.

Step 3. Check PHP version.

Open SSH terminal
Run Command “php -v” and you will get to know the PHP version.

Step 4. Change limit in cyberpanel

Open Cyberpanel dashboard.
Go to PHP–>Edit PHP configs
Select the PHP version 7.4 (which you found in your terminal)
Set the “upload_max_size” you want and save .
Then click on the RESTART PHP.

The upload size of PHP will be changed.
Go to the PHPMYADMIN dashboard you will see the changes will be done.

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