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How to Install and Setup Wordfence Security Plugin in WordPress

How to Install and Setup Wordfence Security Plugin in WordPress

Do you want to secure your website from hackers? You want a secure website? Do you want to install and setup Wordfence Security Plugin to make your website more secure?

If you need anything above here in this article you will get all this information.

Wordfence Security is the most popular WordPress Scanner and Firewall. Wordfence uses to scan, remove malware, firewall again attacks, IP securing, 2FA login, etc.

You have to follow these steps to install and setup Wordfence in WordPress:
  1. Install and Activate Wordfence
  2. Setup Firewall in Wordfence
  3. Scan your site from Wordfence
  4. Login Security Setup
  5. Other Security tools

Install Wordfence Plugin:

installation of Wordfence is just like any other WordPress Plugin. You can easily install Wordfence Plugin from the Plugin directory or you can download it from the Wordfence site and upload it.

Follow this How to install Plugin in WordPress?

After installation activate this Wordfence security plugin to configure it.

Install and Setup Wordfence Security Plugin
Install Wordfence Plugin

Once you completed the installation and check this privacy policy and terms link you can see the Dashboard of the Wordfence plugin by click on it from Wordfence -> Dashboard.

Wordfence Dashboard
Wordfence Dashboard

They guide you through these steps and you can follow these but follow another part of this article in order to understand better.

Setup Firewall in Wordfence:

Wordfence Firewall saves your website from malleolus access of the website. The firewall has general real-time security and secures your website from brute force attacks on your website.

The free version of the Firewall of the workforce does most of the things for you but in the premium version, you will get all the advanced features also.

Premium versions include Real-time IP blocklist, Real-time firewall rules, and malware defense.

The firewall has two-level f protection one is basic and the other one is advanced level protection. The basic level of protection covers the threads and attacks on the website but may miss some plugin and themes attacks. Advanced level covers all these.

On the Dashboard page of your Wordfence plugin, you can see the firewall percentage.

Wordfence plugin
Wordfence plugin

To configure your Wordfence firewall go to Wordfence->Firewall option.

configure your wordfence firewall
Configure your Wordfence firewall

Once you click the Optimize The Wordfence Firewall you will see a notice click Continue and you can see your firewall is successfully installed.

Firewall done

You can also see extended mode is enabled. if you check your firewall performance is also increased.

Scan your site from Wordfence:

You can scan your website using the Wordfence security plugin. To scan your website go to the Wordfence->Scan->Start Scan.

Scan your site from Wordfence:
Scan your site from Wordfence

After clicking start scan you can see that your site starts scanning and now wordfence goes into the file of your WordPress site.

Basically, wordfence goes into the files of your websites and scans all the files present on your website directory. Note all changes that happen in that file and write those on your screen.

Wordfence tells you that which issue and changes of files are critical, which are ignorable, which files need to delete and which can be ignored.

The scanning process does not go into just one step it complete in a number of steps.

  • Spamvertising Checks (PRO)
  • Spam Check (PRO)
  • Blocklist Check (PRO)
  • Server State
  • File Changes
  • Malware Scan
  • Content Safety
  • Public Files
  • Password
scanning process
scanning process

2FA Login Security Setup:

The coolest feature of worfence is that it has a Login security feaster also use this plugin you can set 2FA. Now your question is how to set up a 2FA login using wordfence security plugin?

To set 2FA login go to the Wordfence->Login->2FA scan code.

Login Security Setup

You can also go to settings and check for the other settings too like whom you want to 2FA for.

Other Security tools:

There are also other security tools like Live traffic, Whois Lookup, Import/Export Options, and Diagnostics.

These option also help user in security as well as performance.

Other Security tools:
Other Security tools

Security of your website is very important you have to secure your website no matter you use this plugin or use any other matter but the point is your site must be secure.

From this guide, How to Install and Setup Wordfence Security Plugin in WordPress you got a good idea to configure your Wordfence plugin with your website.

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