How to Install a WordPress Plugin?

In this article, I am going to tell you how you can install a WordPress plugin on your WordPress site. In this article, I will explain briefly how can you install any WordPress plugin on your site.

I know if you are familiar with WordPress then its not an issue for you to install any plugin. But I must say if you are an expert then this article is not for you. How to install a WordPress Plugin is for the beginner. Those who have very little knowledge of WordPress.

In this article, I am going to tell you different methods to Install any Plugin on WordPress. I will tell you a different method if one does not work for you you can go with the other one. But mostly all methods work without any issue. Lets go.

Methods To install a WordPress Plugin:

  1. Install plugin from WordPress admin Dashboard plugin section
  2. Install Plugin via Upload plugin method

Install plugin from WordPress admin Dashboard plugin section:

This one is the easiest and most used way to install any plugin on WordPress. Commonly most of the free plugins available here and you can easily install plugins from here. This method is a 1 click installation method. You just need to click the install button and the installation is done. Now I am going to define the installation process step by step.

Set 1: Search in Plugins Section:

The first thing to do for installation is Go to the Plugins-> Add New from the admin dashboard.

Install plugin from WordPress

Now on the left side, you can see a search box. You have to search the name of the plugin in that search box which you want to install. Just go to that search box and write the name of plugin.

search the name of the plugin

You can see I want to install an element or plugin and I wrote Elementor in the search box and the results are there.

Step 2: Install Plugin

Now its time to install your required Plugin. To do so just click on the Install Button present next to the name of the plugin that you searched.

Install Plugin

Step 3: Activate Plugin

Once the installation is done now click the Activate button to activate the plugin.

Activate Plugin

Now your plugin is installed and Activated. Good to go.

Install Plugin via Upload plugin method:

You are now familiar with plugin installation now I am going to tell you another method to install the plugin. This method is slightly different from the first one. Let’s move toward the steps so you can understand this method.

Step 1: Download Plugin

First of all, you have to download the required plugin from a valid source. mostly free plugins are available on WordPress official sites and plugins also have there own sites to download. I am going to download elementor plugin. I just opened Google and write elementor plugin.

Download Plugin

I prefer to download from the official site you can download from any source. From the official site click on the Get Started button

Get Started

Now you can see the screen to add an email and download the zip file for the plugin. Click the download button.

download button.

Setp2: Upload and install Plugin:

Its time to log in to your WordPress admin dashboard and go to the Plugins->Add New.

Plugins->Add New

Here you can see the Upload option. Click upload

 Upload option.

Select the Plugin file from choose file option that you downloaded in the last step. Please note that your file must be in zip format.

 Upload option.

Once file is selected now you can see install button is active click Install.

 Upload option.

After a short time, you will see a screen that shows that your required WordPress plugin is installed. Now press Activate to activate Plugin

activate plugin.

There are also some other methods to install plugins on WordPress but for this article, we discuss these two only.

Do you know what is WordPress? If you don’t know relax I will tell you that what is WordPress is. WordPress is an open-source and a free content Management system (CMS). WordPress is written in PHP and MySQL or MariaDB is used as a database. A very large amount of websites are using WordPress as their content management system. Almost 38% of the websites are built on WordPress and a very huge number of os bloggers and companies are also using this CMS. WordPress is used for small blog websites to large eCommerce websites that mean every kind of website. WordPress has a large number of Themes and Plugins for its user. These plugins and Themes come in free and paid versions. WordPress itself is free but its themes and plugins paid. There are free WordPress plugins and themes also but they also have paid versions.

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