How to Upgrade CyberPanel to the latest version?

If you want you upgrade your Cyberpanel to latest version then you are at right place.

Here we tell you how to upgrade CyberPanel to the latest version. this is pretty easy to upgrade CyberPanel. You can get the latest Upgraded CyberPanel through just one command.

Upgrade CyberPanel To latest version:

Here the command to upgrade the cyber panel to the latest version.

sh <(curl || wget -O -

But if you do not want the latest released version. You want to install any other specific version then use another command which allows you to update the cyber panel to a specific version.<branch name>/

<branch name> is the name of the branch you want to install like 2.0.1

From the first command, you can also upgrade the Cyberpanel to a specific version for this you have to take care of a thing, and what id that?

sh <(curl || wget -O -

When you run this command and at a point, they ask for a version you can give the version like 2.0.2 or any you want. And if you want to upgrade to the version which is not released yet get and find the version from the CyberPanel team and provide the version when this command asks for version.

Cyberpenel developers are very fast and good at updating. And introducing new features for CyberPanel users. I think they are always in a hurry to launch a new version. And trust me, they always introduce the best in the new version CyberPanel. That’s why I like them. But I don’t think auto-upgrade is possible for CyberPanel. You will need to update when they release the new version. Here I will give you a very easy way to upgrade the cyber panel. Believe me, it has only one command.

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