How to create a post in WordPress?

Create a post in WordPress is the first and the starting step in blogging and even all fields if you want to start a blogging website then this will be the first thing you need to do. Although to create a post in WordPress is a very easy and steps process.

For creating a post in WordPress user should follow these steps:

Step 1: login the site “WordPress Dashboard“.

Step 2: click the posts icon on the left side display in navigation menu.

Step 3: Four options will appear. So the user click Add new button on the Posts page for creating a new post.

Step 4: Enter the title in a title bar it will appear on the top of the post.

Step 5: After giving the title, type content in a content bar. Users can format the text of content using an editor, like users can bold italic and also change colors of text.

Step 6: The user can also add images. The user can add an image with the help of the “Add Media button”.

Step 6: when the user has entered the information in the posting user can click the publish button. Then the post is displayed on our website.

Step 7: User can also click on save draft to save the information if user does not want to publish his post publicly.

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