How CyberPanel Email Debugger works?

Now CyberPanel Email Debugger is available inside CyberPanel dashboard as an adons. You can get that and use it to check and fix your email related issues. CyberPanel Email Debug feature is a feature that allows you to check each and everything related to email and then it will also help you to fix all things related to email.

What is CyberPanel Email Debugger and how it works?

CyberPanel Debugger is a paid adon by CyberPanel team that allows you to check your email setting and it also allows you one click fix for email. it will allow you to check and fix at two levels.

1- Server Wide Level Check and fix:

In server level you can check the status and issues at server level and then run the fixes at server level.

To run server level checks just go to the EMAIl -> EMAIL DEBUGGER from the left menu of your Cyberpanel dashboard.

CyberPanel Email Debugger
CyberPanel Email Debugger

Once you are on this screen you can see a red button of Run Server level Checks.

Run Server level Checks

Once you click this button all the email server related things will be visible for you on this page. If there is any issue that will be reported so you can fix.

email checks

If you found any issue in Email debugger you can reset or fix that manually.

To reset server wide email configurations just go to the EMAIl -> EMAIL DEBUGGER from the left menu of your CyberPanel dashboard.

And after this you can see a button that is Reset Server Wide Configurations click that button and wait for the completion of the proccess. This will take some time to complete and once it done you can check the settings again.

2- Website Level Check and fix:

CyberPanel also offer site level email fixes as well like you don’t want to do the full reset of email configuration’s then you can just check if only one site is creating issue and not any other site then you can just reset and check site level settings.

To do so just go to EMAIl -> EMAIL DEBUGGER from the left menu of your dashboard.

CyberPanel Email Debugger
CyberPanel Email Debugger

Now below on this page go to the Website Level Email Issues.

Website Level Email Issues

Now here on this page just select the site for which you want to check the email settings and then see its status.

website CyberPanel Email Debugger

issue will be visible for you and if you want to fix issue you can do Fix Now or Force Fix.

Email debugger is a one click email issues fix so if you are facing any trouble with it just follow the guide after getting the adons from CyberPanel and its price is also very reasonable its about 7.99$ for all adons on CyberPanel.

If you dont know how to create email and use then click here.

Reset or Change CyberPanel Admin Password

Reset or Change CyberPanel Admin Password

Do you know how to change CyberPanel Admin Password? Read this short article to check and know how to change or reset the admin password on CyberPanel.

Methods to Change or reset CyberPanel Password:

  1. Reset Cyberpanel Password using Command line.
  2. Change Password From CyberPanel

Reset CyberPanel Password using Command line

Mostly you use this method when you don’t have your CyberPnael Credentials are forgotten your CyberPanel password. And you have root SSH access to your system.

To change the Cyberpanel password from the command line you just need to run a simple command.

adminPass Your_New_Password

This command helps you to reset your password easily without having any CyberPanel access.

Reset CyberPanel Password using Command line
Reset CyberPanel Password using Command line

Change Password From CyberPanel:

If you have your CyberPanel admin account access and you want to change it you just need to follow these easy steps.

Login to your cyberpanel account using your credentials on port 8090.


Once you login into your account clicks on the arrow on the top of your cyber panel account.

CyberPanel Profile
CyberPanel Profile

Then click the Edit Profile button. You can see a screen that ask you to select the account for which you want to change the password of CyberPanel.

Edit Profile
Edit Profile

On this page, you can see you can change the password for your account and you can easily generate a password by clicking the generate password button.

Generating a password is a good move because CyberPanel auto-generate password will always generate a strong password.

Change CyberPanel Admin Password
Change CyberPanel Admin Password

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