How to add your SSH key in CyberPanel?

In some cases, you need to change the SSH port and create and use an SSH key. Securing SSH is one of the most important tasks of a system administrator. CyberPanel allows you to change SSH ports, disable root login, and save your SSH keys. In his article, we learn about how to add your SSH key to the server using CyberPanel

Step 1: Login to the CyberPanel dashboard

Step 2: On the left side menu scroll down Click on the Security

Step 3: Go to the Security->Secure SSH

Now this page will be open. Here you can see the SSH port,permit root login

Step 4: Click on the SSh keys-> Add key

Step 5: After Clicking on the Add key you can paste your key and Click on save

Step 6: You can delete your key By clicking on the ‘X’ button Listed here

Step 7: You can also change your port and enable or disable the permit root login after changing these Click on Save changes

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