How to Install Node Js on Windows?

You want to Install node js on windows 10 machine?

To start the guide to install node js on your windows 10 machine. First of all, we have to know what actually node js is. Before knowing how to install node js on your windows 10 know about the node js.

Basic node js is a JavaScript runtime environment. It simply means that the node js run-time environment includes everything you need to execute a program written in JavaScript. Now I would like to mention some points about node js for better understanding.

What is node js?

  1. Node js is free and opensource environment.
  2. Node js uses javascript on the server.
  3. Node js can generate dynamic pages, can do many operation on databases and its is available for different platforms (Operating Systems).

How to Install Node js on windows 10?

In order to install node js to your windows 10 machine. You need to follow different steps.

Download Node.js

In order to install node js on your windows 10, you have to download the Node js. To do so click here or visit this link in your favorite browser. Here you can see this screen.

Download Node.js

You can see the latest and current version always chose the current version from them because that is the stable one then chose the windows installer from the operating systems. you can also download:

Windows Installer (.msi)
Windows Binary (.zip)
Source Code

In 32 and 64 bits depending on your operating system.

Install Node js on windows 10:

Once your download completed now its time to install it on your machine to do so follow these steps:

  1. Click on the download file and then click install.
Install Node

2. You will receive a screen that asks you to run Wizard to install node js. Press Next.

Run Install Node

3. Now accept the License Agreement. To go to the next step.

Agreement Install Node

4. You can specify the location in your computer where you want to install the node js. By default its C:/Program Files/nodejs/ and leave as its and click Next.

Path Install Node

5. In this step you can see which node js packages you are going to install and what is disk usage, and all. Click Next to proceed.

Install Node next

6. In this step you can allow node js to Automatically install the necessary tools. you can follow the instruction from the link given on-screen. Then press Next.

Auto Install Node

7. All setup is done Press Install to install node js on your windows 10.

Install Node

Allow the installation and this installation may take some time to complete wait until the status bar show completion.

Install Node js status

8. All done now your node js is installed and you can press Finish and go ahead.

Install done Node

Verification of node js installation

Once the installation process has done you need to verify the installation of your node js on windows 10. to do so just run a simple command:

npm -v
Node js version

You can see the installed version it’s mean your installation is complete. Now your system is good to go.

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