Common Types of Server-Side Errors

In this article, we are going to give some basic server-side errors details. We have added some basic errors that occur on the server-side and we also give some details about these server-side errors. 503 – Service Unavailable: The 503 error usually occurs when the back-end service is overloaded, under maintenance, or there are network-related… Read More »

CyberPanel Complete Tutorial

In this article, we are going to write how you can install CyberPanel, how you can access CyberPanel, what are the features of CyberPanel and all. This is a CyberPanel Complete Tutorial. How to install CyberPanel: First of all, we make the server and copy the server IP, and go to the terminal and write… Read More »

How to resolve WordPress installation failed. error message: [404] in CyberPanel?

Many users faced WordPress installation error in CyberPanel as it is not working some time throwing installation failed. error message: [404]. In this article, I will tell you a few reasons and possible solutions for this issue. Sometimes you want to install WordPress from the CyberPanel and it through this error and you are not… Read More »