How to Install CyberPanel On Centos?

How to install CyberPanel? I know everyone who came on this article will know that what is CyberPanel and want to know how to install CyberPanel. Some of you have basic knowledge and some are experts hehe.

But If you are totally new here then let me tell you that CyberPanel is a control panel. Basically, CyberPanel is a hosting control panel like the other the popular one c-panel.

Introduction of CyberPanel:

CyberPanel is a free and open-source next-generation hosting control panel. CyberPanel is Powered by LiteSpeed technologies. And mostly use by the LiteSpeed web servers. Basically CyberPanel is free but here is the twist. CyberPanel has two versions CyberPanel and CyberPanel Enterprise. There is not a huge difference between the CyberPanel and cyber panel Ent. CyberPanel Ent comes with LiteSpeed ent so that makes the difference. See here what the official web site of Cyberpanel said about CyberPanel ent.

Here in this article, I am going to tell you how to install CyberPanel on Centos. I will discuss about the installation on other Operating systems and flavors of Linux but in this, I will stay with centos.

Requirements for installation (Hardware and General requirements ):

CyberPanel requirements for installation are not so high and complicated. We discuss the main here:

  1. A server or machine with Centos
  2. Minimum 1 GB Ram
  3. SHH access with root
  4. 10GB Disk Space.

How to install CyberPanel?

CyberPanel Installation is very easy and its just one command installation. When you search for how to install cyberpanel you will foun a bunch of commands and different steps. But i perfer only one command to install CyberPanel and that command is:

sh <(curl || wget -O -    

This will do have for you now you have to take care of some processes while installing CyberPanel. These are

Install Specific Version Of CyberPanel:

Now sometime you have to install a specific version of CyberPanel. This is a bit tricky. First of all, you have to wget (download) the specific branch of CyberPanel you want to install using this command:


Now you have to assign it executable Permissions. Using this command:

chmod +x

Now execute for installation:


How to Upgrade CyberPanel to the latest version?

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