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How to export Database from PHPMyAdmin?

While transferring your website from one server to another you may need to export your database in some cases. In this article, I am going to show you how to export Database from PHPMyAdmin. Exporting a database is just a few-click process. Just login to your PHPMyAdmin dashboard providing username and password. to export Database… Read More »

How to resolve PHPMyAdmin blank page error CyberPanel?

Sometime after update you faced PHPMyAdmin blank page error CyberPanel. In this article i will tell you the shortest way to resolve PHPMyAdmin blank page error CyberPanel. You have to do few steps to resolve this issue. You have to load your default PhpMyadmin script and replaced it with the present script. 1.Login to SSH.… Read More »

CyberPanel Features List

This article will discuss the CyberPanel features list. All the features discussed in detail. This CyberPanel features list has all the features CyberPanel has. CyberPanel Dasboard: After login, you come to the base page, which is the CyberPanel dashboard. On the dashboard, you can see a sidebar on the left side, in this sidebar you… Read More »

How to create a Database in CyberPanel?

If you want to create a Database in CyberPanel. And do not know how to do this you are on right place read this article to know how you can create a new DataBase on CyberPanel for your Website. Table of Contents: Login to CyberPanel Create New Database Access Database Login to CyberPanel: First of… Read More »