How to install MailScanner on CyberPanel?

How to install MailScanner on CyberPanel?

To install MailScanner on CyberPanel is very easy and a few click process. MailScanner is one of the core requirements for the email system now. And CyberPanel has a MailScanner which you can install from the CyberPanel dashboard.

In CyberPanel MailScanner is done by the community and this feature have a goof version but i am not sure that if it is 100% stable. So maybe MailScanner causes any issue in your mail server.

To install MailScanner on CyberPanel follow these steps.

Login to CyberPanel :

Login to your Cyberpanel account using your CyberPanel credentials. You have to visit the link:


Provide username and password and log in.

Install MailScanner on CyberPanel:

To install MailScanner on the server just follow these steps.

  1. After login to CyberPanel dashboard just go to the Mail Settings-> MailScanner
MAil settings

2. On the next screen you can see you have an Install button just press that and your MailScanner will be installed.

install MailScanner on CyberPanel

The installation process will take some time to complete and once the installation is done you can access the mail scanner on the server.

After clicking this button your Mailscanner is installed. And now you can access your MailScanner by clicking Access Now button.

Access Now

Or visit the link directly.


Provide the credentials and log in here.

Mailscanner login

MailScanner UserName and Password:

The default username for the Mailscanner is admin and you can set a password using this MySQL query.

INSERT INTO mailscanner.users SET username = '<username>', password = MD5('<password>'), fullname = '<Full Name>', type = 'A';

All set for MailScanner and use it accordingly.

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How to remove MailScanner from Cyberpanel?

How to remove MailScanner from Cyberpanel?

Maybe you have installed MailScanner on your server from CyberPanel, And you want to remove it for some reason. In this article, we are going to show how to remove MailScanner from CyberPanel?.

What is MailScanner?

MailScanner is an open-source email security system. it designed for a Linux-based email gateway. The purpose of MailScanner is to scans email for viruses, spam, phishing, malware, and other attacks against security vulnerabilities.

Follow the procedure to remove MailScanner form CyberPanel:

1. Download MailScanner uninstaller script form GitHub

Frist you need to download uninstaller form GitHub . Run this command on CLI it will download MailScanner uninstaller

How to remove MailScanner from Cyberpanel?
Download MailScanner uninstaller script form GitHub

2. Set the execute permission

After download uninstaller you need to set execute permission to MailScanner uninstaller by running this command on CLI

chmod +x

3. Uninstall the MailScanner

Once you downloaded MailScanner uninstaller and set the execute permissions then run the command to uninstall Mailscanner.


After this the Mail Scanner is successfully removed form CyberPanel.

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