How to write a post in WordPress?

post in wordpress

When you want to do some work with WordPress the first step is to write a blog post in WordPress. To start writing a post in WordPress is a very easy process. In this article, I am going to tell you how you can write a post in WordPress.

When someone new starts a new blog or any type of other site using WordPress. So you must have knowledge about creating and managing posts with WordPress. This is one of the cores and basic requirements of WordPress.

So before going to do anything else in WordPress you just have to know how to create a blog in WordPress. As blog or post always have a great impact on the site ranking, site SEO, and all.

Login to your WordPress:

First of all, you have to log in to your WordPress admin dashboard. Normally your WordPress admin dashboard access is on:

if you have any custom login link for the WordPress admin dashboard you can visit that and provide the user name and password to log in.

Login to your WordPress:
Login to your WordPress:

Create a post in WordPress:

Once you logged in now you can see a lot of options in the left side menu of the WordPress dashboard.

Go to the Posts-> Add new Post option in the left menu.

Create a post in WordPress:
Create a post in WordPress

Once you click there this will redirect you to the posting page where you can write the post according to your choice and content.


On this page, you can write the content on the main page, and on the right side, you can see a lot of options like some important are Categories, tags, featured images in the post tab.

You can add categories to your posts, tag, and also set featured images to your posts.

 Create a post in WordPress

Save post:

In WordPress, you can also make posts to draft and you can also publish them once.

But as you know one post needs many reviews so you have to save it to draft and maybe you have to preview it many times and after all, you can publish a zero error post. so these all buttons and options are present on the top of the right site on the posting page.

Save post:
Save post:

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How to add ZeroSSL on your site? Free SSL for your website

How to add ZeroSSL on your site? Free SSL for your website

You always need a secure URL for your website. Secure means your website will be accessible with SSL(Secure Sockets Layer). It’s very important to access your site on HTTPS instant of HTTP. Today I will tell you how you can add ZeroSSL to your website. ZeroSSL is totally free for your website.

ZeroSSL allows the free start of three domains. You can add free-of-cost SSL to your first three sites after those you have to buy if you want to issue SSL for more sites.

Create ZeroSSL account:

In first step you have to create an account on ZeroSSL website. For this go Here.

Here on this page you can see the Get Free SSL button click on that and visit to registration button.

On this page you have to provide some information to signup.

  1. Subscription Plan
  2. Email Account
  3. Password

After providing these all press to the Next Step button.

Once you press this button you can see the ZeroSSL dashboard.

Create New SSL Certificate:

Here on Dashboard you can see New Certificate button press this button present in the above image.

On the next page you have to provide following information:

  1. Enter Domain (Enter your domain name for which you want to issue SSL)

You will see this Green ticks for a valid domain name.

2. Validity (For how many time this ssl is valid )

Usually for 90 days its free and if you want for 1 year you have to buy.

3. CSR & Contact

Finalize Your Order (you have to select )

You have limit to issue three free ssl to your domain. Once the process of plan selection done now you have to verify your domain.

Verification Method:

ZeroSSL allow three types of verification:

  1. Email Verification
  3. File Upload

You can chose any one you are comfortable with. If you have this email then use it, or update DNS records according to the second or upload the file to dns.

Verification Method:
Verification Method:

After this you will get a option to download SSL. you can download crteficate.

download SSL
download SSL

Add ZeroSSL to your Website?

When you got your SSL file there must be three files after extracting. ca_budle, certificate, private key

Add these files values according to the require mint on your site.

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