How to export Database from PHPMyAdmin?

While transferring your website from one server to another you may need to export your database in some cases. In this article, I am going to show you how to export Database from PHPMyAdmin.

Exporting a database is just a few-click process. Just login to your PHPMyAdmin dashboard providing username and password. to export Database from PHPMyAdmin

export Database from PHPMyAdmin

You can see all the database you have created In your database is there.

Select the database you want to export. To select a database click on it. And you can see all the tables of your database on your screen.

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Now from the top bar click on the Export button to start the export database.

go button

Now you have to select the type of file in which you want to export your database. After selecting file type click on the Go button on the right bottom side.

file type

on clicking the Go button process will start and you can see the download progress on your browser.


Once done you can use it for importing anywhere.

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How to create a Database in CyberPanel?

If you want to create a Database in CyberPanel. And do not know how to do this you are on right place read this article to know how you can create a new DataBase on CyberPanel for your Website.

Table of Contents:

  1. Login to CyberPanel
  2. Create New Database
  3. Access Database

Login to CyberPanel:

First of all visi the CyberPanel login URL to login to your CyberPanel it must be with port 8090, Look like:


Provide username and password and login to your CyberPanel dashboard.

CyberPanel Login

Create New Database:

Once you logged in go to the Database->Create Database: in the left menu.

Create New Database
Create New Database

On this create database page you have to select the domain for which you want to create a new database.

select domain
select domain

Now screen ask you to provide the details for database.

  1. Username
  2. Database name
  3. Password
provide the details for database
Provide the Details for Database

When you press Create Database button this will create a new one for you on your server.

you can also list the database for any of your site on sever from Database-> List Database then select the domain and you can see the list.

list the database
list database

Access Database:

To access your database you created you have to go to Database-> PHPMYADMIN. Then press Access Now button.

You can see the PHPMyAdmin screen now. Where you can see all database for all domains. You can check the database your created and do any operation you want to do on this database.

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