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How to force redirect HTTP to HTTPS website in CyberPanel?

In this article we will tell you how to force redirect HTTP to HTTPS website in CyberPanel? What is HTTP? HTTP stand foe Hypertext Transport Protocol. When you enter http:// in your address bar in front of domain, it tells the browser to connect over HTTP. HTTP use TCP(Transmission control protocol), generally over port 80,… Read More »

How to solve the can’t upload the file on file manager issue in CyberPanel?

if you are uploading a file on file manager in CyberPanel. and getting some error there. Follow this short solution for can’t upload the file on CyberPanel file manager. Solution There is very easy and short solution for this issue. Access your root through Bitvise or putty open your terminal(CLI) and run this Command This… Read More »

Get 15$ Free on Digital Ocean, $15 Free Promo Code on Digital Ocean 2021

Are you looking for Promo Code on Digital Ocean? Get 15$ free credit on digital ocean using this Promo code. Use this Promo code and get 15$ free on Digital ocean. You can use these Free 15$ for your Droplet and get a 1CPU basic plan free for three months. Free $15 Coupon Code for… Read More »