How to add live chat on WordPress Website – Integrate Tawk.To Live Chat to WordPress

How to add live chat on WordPress Website – Integrate Tawk.To Live Chat to WordPress

In this Article I am going to share my personal experience that how i added the Live Chat in my WordPress Site. After reading you come to know how to add live chat on WordPress Website.

This tutorial is basically my personal experience that how I integrate live chat on my WordPress Website. So without wasting time lets start tutorial.

Steps to add live chat on WordPress:

  • Add Plugin to your WordPress website.
  • Create account on Tawk.To Live Chat
  • Integrate Tawk.To with your website.

Step 1: Add Plugin to your WordPress website:

The first thing to do during the process of setup Live chat on your website. You have to add Tawk.To Live Chat WordPress plugin on your WordPress.

You can add this plugin using different ways. You can follow this guide to add tawk.To plugin on your WordPress website. Click Here to follow guide.

Add WordPress Plugin on your Website.

Once plugin is added to your WordPress site. Now you have to check your plugin here.

Now go to Setting-> option.

Setting-> Settings

This page need some details from your account. its time to signup on

Steps 2: Create account on Tawk.To Live Chat

To configure your with your WordPress site you need to create account on there platfrom first.

To create your account please click here.

  1. Click on the signup button and provide all required details. Provide all the following details EMAIL, NAME, PASSWORD.
signup button and add live chat on WordPress Websit
Sign up on

If all of your information is correct then next screen appears that ask you to chose the Language for your live chat like i chose ENGLISG US.

chose the Language
Language Selection for

After the selection of language click on Create Property and provide Property Details.

  1. Site Name
  2. Site URL
  3. Widget Name
Property Details
Property Details

Click on Team Members button and add there details.

Team Members
Team Members

Your email is default admin for your account but if you want to add someone else you can add.

Now you will asked to select type of your website and widget. you can add on this screen and click on done.

Install Wiidget
Install Widget

Once process completed you can see take a tour screen.

take a tour and know to add live chat on WordPress Websit
take a tour

Step 3: Integrate Tawk.To with your website:

You have to integrate your account to your website now.

Go to the Settings-> Add email and password for your account that you created in last step.


Now after sign in you have to select property that you created there on account to enable live chat on your wordpress site.

live chat on your wordpress site
Select a property

You can visit the dashboard from here also.


Now if you visit your site you can see this option for live chat on your WordPress site.

live chat on your WordPress site.
Live chat on your WordPress site.

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How to Setup Catch-All Email Account in Postfix?

Do you want to catch-all emails in postfix? Does missing emails due to misspelling addresses bothered you? Then this article is for you.

A catch-all email account is used to get all emails sent from every email account of your domain. No matter that email account exists or someone misspelled that email. Catch-all is usually used when you do not want to lose any email due to the wrong email address or email that did not exist.

Here we discuss all steps that are needed to set up a catch-all email account in Postfix.

Follow along so you can easily setup and never miss any Email.

Create Catch All Account:

The first step is to create a catch-all account where you will receive all emails. Which are lost due to misspelling or non existing email?

To do so you have to add a virtual alias to the Postfix server. The path of file where you have to add the alias is /etc/postfix/virtual.

You have to edit this file in your favorite Editor I chose vi editor. Use this command to edit the file.

vi /etc/postfix/virtual
Setup Catch-All Email Account in Postfix

Now add the address for catch-all at the end of this file. Add the address like: username

You can also specify any email account where you want to catch-all emails. You can specify different email account for this operation also. like:

If you didn’t specify the valid account then your valid account’s email will also go to that specific email you specify for catch-all. This account helps to Catch-all email that you miss due to non existing account or misspelled email addresses.

After adding these Alias to /etc/postfix/virtual save and exit.

After this we have to run a command to execute this file again.

postmap /etc/postfix/virtual

Now your updated file is loaded shift to next step.

Setup Postfix Configuration:

After editing the virtual file now its time to do some configurations in the postfix configuration file. In order to do this go to the file etc/postfix/ Edit this file in vi or any other editor you like. for vi use this command:

vi /etc/postfix/

you have to add virtual_alias_maps in this file add this line at the end of this file:

virtual_alias_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/virtual

Reload Postfix for new settings:

Now Postfix needs to reload so it can fetch the new settings. To reload postfix run the command:

systemctl reload postfix
systemctl reload postfix

Now all done good to go.

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